Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code
Act of 1968, P.L.805, No.247
as reenacted and amended.
Eighteenth Edition
February 2005

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Table of Contents

  • Article I General Provisions (click here)
  • Article II Planning Agencies (click here)
  • Article III Comprehensive Plan (click here)
  • Article IV Official Map (click here)
  • Article V Subdivision and Land Development (click here)
  • Article V-A Municipal Capital Improvement (click here)
  • Article VI Zoning (click here)
  • Article VII Planned Residential Development (click here)
  • Article VII-A Traditional Neighborhood Development (click here)
  • Article VIII Zoning Challenges; General Provisions (click here)
  • Article VIII-A Joint Municipal Zoning (click here)
  • Article IX Zoning Hearing Board and other Administrative Proceedings (click here)
  • Article X Appeals (click here)
  • Article X-A Appeals to Court (click here)
  • Article XI Intergovernmental Cooperative Planning and Implementation Agreements (click here)
  • Article XI-A Joint Municipal Zoning (click here)
  • Article XII Repeals (click here)

An Act

To empower cities of the second class A, and third class, boroughs, incorporated towns, townships of the first and second classes including those within a county of the second class and counties of the second class through eighth classes, individually or jointly, to plan their development and to govern the same by zoning, subdivision and land development ordinances, planned residential development and other ordinances, by official maps, by the reservation of certain land for future public purpose and by the acquisition of such land; to promote the conservation of energy through the use of planning practices and to promote the effective utilization of renewable energy sources; providing for the establishment of planning commissions, planning departments, planning committees and zoning hearing boards, authorizing them to charge fees, make inspections and hold public hearings; providing for mediation; providing for transferable development rights; providing for appropriations, appeals to courts and penalties for violations; and repealing acts and parts of acts, adding definitions; providing for intergovernmental cooperative planning and implementation agreements; further providing for repeals; and making an editorial change, further providing for the purpose of the act; adding certain definitions; further providing for various matters relating to the comprehensive plan and for compliance by counties; providing for funding for municipal planning and for neighboring municipalities; further providing certain ordinances; adding provisions relating to projects of regional impact, providing for traditional neighborhood development; further providing for grant of power, for contents of subdivision and land development ordinance, for approval of plats and for recording of plats and deeds; and providing for municipal authorities and water companies and for transferable development rights, further providing for recording plats and deeds, for applicability of ordinance amendments and for validity of ordinance amendments and for validity of ordinance and substantive questions, further providing for planning commission, for zoning ordinance amendment, for procedure for landowner curative amendments, for certain findings, for hearings and for governing body’s functions, further providing for purpose of act; defining “no-impact home-based business” and further providing for ordinance provisions, for procedure for landowner curative amendments, for hearing and for governing body’s functions.

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